5 Best Travel Places in Australia

Are you looking to go to someplace this holiday season that offers you much more than just plain water activities, wonderful cities and some sightseeing opportunities? Are you planning a vacation to a place where you could get the opportunity to experience wildlife, snow capped mountains, exotic animals, rainforests and so on. One of the best travel places that can give you such an enthralling experience is Australia. Whether you are a nature lover, outdoor enthusiast or a sportsperson, this country has a whole range of attractions to offer. Here is a list of the 5 best travel places that you cannot miss to see if you are on a vacation in Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the best travel places in Australia. There is a huge range of biodiversity that is supported by this reef. Some of the species that are found on this reef includes the dwarf minke whale, humpback dolphin, olive ridley turtle, flatback turtle, salt water crocodiles and many more. Together with this, there are also a wide range of birds found on this reef. The Great Barrier Reef is situated off the Queensland coast and is the largest coral reef in the whole world. It is really fascinating and those who love diving and snorkeling would find this destination to be among the best of the best.

Sydney Harbor

One of the best places to visit in Australia as it is a natural harbor which also provides the setting for the beautiful Sydney Opera House. At the Opera House, you can experience performances by foreign productions and local music artists. The contemporary architecture really adds to its beauty and the surrounding structures makes it a must see tourist spot in Australia.


The region around Kimberly in Western Australia is splendid as it offers a whole range of attractions and sights to be experienced. Some of the most popular views of this region include waterfalls, rivers, rainforests and red cliffs. Kimberly is also a notable place for its diamonds. Among the best places of Kimberly is also the Purnululu National Park that is really popular. Some regions in Kimberly has distinctive art centers where you can see artwork by foreign artists as well as local artists being displayed of which most of these artwork are also recognized internationally.

The Snowy Mountains

Among the best travel places in Australia are the snowy mountains which can be explored by skiing or by foot. Tours are generally guided depending on your age, physical fitness and so on. Mount Kosciuszko in the Snowy Mountains is the highest mountain in Australia where you can find Alpine Flowers blooming if you happen to visit the country at the right time of the year. The Ningaloo Reef is also among the best travel places where one can actually walk on the reef. The attractions, accommodation and places of interest in this part of the country really make it tourist friendly and one of the best places to travel.

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3 Best Travel Places in Asia

There are numerous best travel places that you may come across when visiting Asia. In fact, a large number of tourist attractions of the entire world can be found in the Asian continent. Asia is the home to the greatest collection of heritage of art, language, cuisine and superb architecture. The Asian continent has great food, history as well as people. You can expect to find almost everything here as it is a dream destination for most travelers. The three best places to travel in Asia include the following.


Philippines has many beautiful tourist attractions that you simple cannot miss if you are on a vacation trip. Tagaytay City which is located about 2500 feet above sea level is a perfect picnic spot. Moreover, here you will also get to experience the world’s smallest volcano which is still active.

The Olango Wildlife Sanctuary supports a large number of migratory birds found in the country. These birds often migrate from Siberia, Japan and Northern China and when conditions are no longer favorable on this sanctuary, they fly to areas as far as New Zealand and Australia as well. The Chocolate Hills is also among the most famous places that is worth visiting. Some other places of interest and attractions in Philippines include the Coconut Palace, Nonoc Cave, Kawasan Falls, Paco Park, Casa Manila, St Anne’s Shrine, Punta de Santiago Lighthouse, The Flower Farm and many more.


Thailand is also one of the best travel places in Asia. It is in fact a country where tourism is the chief support of the economy. Thailand is quite a safe and beautiful place if you choose it as a tourist destination. The people here are friendly and this is the reason this country has been given the name “The Land of Smiles.” There are many popular travel places that can be enjoyed here including the ancient temples, panoramic beaches, bustling cities, picturesque riversides and much more.


Indonesia is also filled with tourist spots and exciting famous places that can not be missed when on a vacation trip. There are a lot of things that can be done in Indonesia. The most popular travel places in Jakarta in Indonesai include The National Monument Towers, The Central Museum, Merdeka Square, Portuguese Church and the Istiqlal Mosque. Among all these, other best travel includes Sumatra which is the second largest island of Indonesia, the Orchid Island, Bali and Banda Islands.

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